miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

5 Reasons Why EFL Blogging Is A Good Idea

  • I think that EFL blogs can enhance a group's feeling of belonging to the same class, something that can make them connect outside the classroom;
  • Blogs provide opportunities for unpredictable language use, hence, meaningful;
  • They might lower the affective filter, especially in shy students, who may find it easier to express themselves without too much exposition. This may result in an improvement of communication skills and in a better face-to-face interaction among peers in the long run;
  • EFL Blogs may increase motivation, since their format is thoroughly familiar to our digital-native students who can take a look at them quickly while doing something else, leave some contribution and learn without being much aware of it;
  • Finally, I believe that blogs open up possiblilities for learning by discovery, as while doing tasks in the target languge, students may learn or reinforce previous knowledge by coming across some content explained in a different way, and, what's more, in the L2.

4 comentarios:

  1. I totally agree with your reasons. It is so complete a way of writing and producing that it should be included in a course syllabus. Let's hope they start appearing in the near future as a powerful resource for language production.

  2. First of all, congratulations on your brand-new blog, Carina!

    Great reasons, indeed! I absolutely agree with you. I think the great thing about these tools is that they also allow us teachers to engage in a never-ending journey of discovery, learning from and with our students.

    I wish you a very fruitful blogging experience!

  3. LOVELY BLOG! I guess this will be your personal blog. Isn´t it?

  4. Yes, Cari, you've stricken the right chord! :)